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Dock Permit Application - Provincial Requirements

Dock Permits - Provincial Requirements

There are new requirements in place for placing docks and mooring structures in Alberta Lakes!  These documents outline the requirements and process for an individual to obtain an authorization when required, to place a temporary, seasonal dock for personal recreational use in Alberta’s water bodies.

NEW:  There are 2 ways seasonal docks are authorized in Alberta:

  • By the general permission created by a disturbance standard if the standard is followed; or
  • By a specific authorization issued by the department

The Alberta government has introduced a disturbance standard to simplify and streamline the process for placing temporary seasonal mooring structures. 

The disturbance standard (https://open.alberta.ca/dataset/2e15695b-51fb-4034-b581-92c4a9a1647c/resource/0ea88981-7343-474e-948c-994bfd6aef51/download/aep-disturbance-standard-temporary-seasonal-docks-mooring-structures-2021-04.pdf) eliminates the need for waterfront, semi-waterfront and municipal waterfront property owners to apply for an annual authorization, provided their docks, boat lifts, swimming platforms and buoy anchors meet a set of standard requirements.



User Guide for Dock Authorizations  

Disturbance Standards for Temporary Docks and other Mooring Structures for Personal Recreational Purposes (April 2021)  

Mooring Disturbance Standard Moorage Allowance Infographic  

Mooring Disturbance Standard Waterfront & Semi-waterfront Property Owners Fact Sheet  

Mooring Disturbance Standard Back Lot Property Owners Fact Sheet 

Mooring Disturbance Standard Shared Dock Fact Sheet   

Application for Dock Authorizations  

Alberta Environment & Parks Docks & Related Mooring Structure Website  

Seasonal Docks & Boat Mooring Policy – Back Lot Property Owners, Summer Village of West Cove
A-TRA-DOCKS Seasonal Docks & Boat Mooring Policy - Back Lot Property Owners


Note:  If you, as the applicant, are NOT the owner of the waterfront land parcel, the Provincial department will then require the applicant to obtain the written consent of the waterfront landowner or holder before the application be considered for approval.  You will need to attach this consent to your application.  If the land is one of the Summer Village’s park reserve areas, please email the administration office svwestcove@outlook.com to request a letter of consent and provide your contact information and where you are requesting to place the dock.