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Dock Permit Application - Provincial Requirements

Dock Permits - Provincial Requirements

There are new requirements in place for placing a dock in the lake!  The User Guide for Dock Permits outlines the requirements and process for an individual to obtain an authorization to place a temporary, seasonal dock for personal recreational use in Alberta's water bodies.


Documents you will require to obtain a dock permit:

User Guide for Dock Permits - Government of Alberta Updated April 2020

Dock TFA Application

Crown Land Client ID Application

Note:  If you as the applicant are NOT the owner of the waterfront land parcel, the department will then require the applicant to obtain the written consent of the waterfront landowner or holder before the application will be considered for approval.   You will need to attach this consent to your application.   If the land is one of the Summer Village's park reserve areas, please email the administration office to request a letter of consent and provide your contact information and where you are requesting to place the dock.

Completed applications are to be emailed to:

Alberta Environment & Parks Upper Athabasca Central Region