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Are you Interested in Volunteering in Your Community? We have a volunteer opportunity!

Are you interested in volunteering or know someone that is? The Summer Village is looking for Community‚ÄźMinded Volunteers!

Current Volunteer Opportunity

The Summer Village is currently seeking a community member who would be interested in looking after the Community Information Sign messages.  The sign is located in the Summer Village.   A new message is required approximately one to two times per month on the front and the back of the sign.  The average time it takes to change the messages is one to two hours.   We are seeking an individual that preferrably lives in the Summer Village.   If you are interested in this opportunity, please contact the Summer Village Office.


Other Volunteer Opportunities:

1)  Fire Smart  -  Would you like to become a Fire Smart Community Champion? As a Community Champion, you would recruit others from your community to create a Fire Smart Board which will include other homeowners and fire professionals and possibly land managers, planners and members of other interest groups. You would advocate for wildfire safety in your community neighbourhood and motivate and organize your neighbours in reducing the potential for wildfire losses. If you are interested in helping the Summer Village become a recognized Fire Smart community, please let us know! Contact the Administration office at 780-967-0271.

2)  Wildfire Mitigation - The Summer Village has been working with other stakeholders with respect to wildfire mitigation within our Summer Village. Part of this process is identifying at-risk areas and developing a strategy to address them. If you would like to participate in this committee, please contact the administration office at 780-967-0271.