West Cove


The Summer Village of West Cove contracts Fire Suppression Services from Lac Ste. Anne County.

West Cove is serviced through the Darwell Fire Department and fires are reported by dialling 9-1-1.

The Summer Village of West Cove does not issue fire permits.  We do, however, advise that if you are having a large fire, that you contact the Lac Ste. Anne County - 1-866-880-5722.  If the fire hall is not advised and is called to the scene, you will be responsible for costs associated with their response.

Please be advised that there is a Burning Bylaw and a Fire Costs Bylaw in effect for our municipality.


Are you interested in becoming a Volunteer Firefighter?   Find out more, contact Lac Ste. Anne County to inquire 1-866-880-5722.  Website:   www.lsac.ca