West Cove

Bylaw Enforcement/Community Peace Officer

The Summer Village currently contracts to the Town of Mayerthorpe for Bylaw Enforcement/Animal Control & Community Peace Officer Services - this is a shared service amongst several municipalities - this service for the Summer Village of West Cove is part time.  
There is now an online reporting form with a link to the concern/complaint submission form that will go directly to the Peace Officer.  On the first page, the person making a complaint or an enquiry will need to select a group, i.e. West Cove, and then clock "write new online report."  This will prompt a new tab or page to open where the person will simply follow the steps 1 through 10.  On the first step, a new complaint/enquiry can be made, or supplemental information can be added to a previous report.   Please note that "anonymous" complaints WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.  
Please note that only valid complaints will be addressed.  A valid complaint is as follows: 
  • complainant contact information is required to discuss the complaint so that the officer can obtain all the required facts (without this information, the complaint will not be considered valid.)


Community Peace Officer Services:

Gervais Kasamba


Stony Plain RCMP:

Non-emergency Line:  780-968-7200

RCMP Drug Tip Line: (780)968-7212

Emergency (Ambulance/Fire/RCMP):  9-1-1