West Cove


The Summer Village of West Cove holds copyright to all Summer Village of West Cove Bylaws. No person may reproduce bylaws for any purpose other than personal use without consent from the Summer Village of West Cove. Official bylaws, available from the municipal office, must be consulted for purposes of interpreting and applying the law.


Bylaws of the Summer Village of West Cove are available below in PDF format.

177-89 Control & Regulate Drainage Bylaw

    Approach Installation Applicaton

196-94 Agreement with Lac Ste. County for Joint Use, Control and Management of Fire Equipment Bylaw

234-01 Adding Fire Extinguishing Costs to the Tax Roll Bylaw

286-08 WILD Water Commission Authorization Bylaw

417-16 Land Use Bylaw

450-18 Land Use Bylaw Amending Bylaw (Cannabis, technical matters with respect to the use of secondary suites and the timelines for development permit notices)

421-16 Tax Payment Plan Bylaw

422-16 Burning Bylaw

424-16 Development Authority Bylaw (Tony Sonnleitner)

426-16 Designated Officer (Assessor) Bylaw (Dan Kanuka)

428-16 Records Retention & Disposition Bylaw

429-16 Bylaw Officer Position Bylaw

430-16 Traffic & Highway Use Bylaw

431-16 Unsightly Premises Bylaw

432-16 Animal Control Bylaw

433-16 Off-Highway Vehicles Bylaw - Provincial Small Vehicles Booklet

434-16 Planning & Subdivision Authority Bylaw (Municipal Planning Services)

437-16 Sewage & Wastewater Disposal Bylaw

438-16 Curfew Bylaw

440-16 Appoint Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy (FOIPP) Head

442-17 Fortis Franchise Agreement Bylaw

447-18 Code of Conduct Bylaw

448-18 Council Procedural Bylaw

450-18 Land Use Bylaw Amendment

453-19 Subdivision & Development Appeal Board Bylaw

458-19 Designated Officer - Subdivision and Development Appeal Board Clerk Bylaw

460-19 Waste Collection and Disposal Bylaw

463-20 Repeal of Unnecessary Bylaws Bylaw

467-20 Municipal Development Plan & Bylaw

468-20 Cancelling Plan 6983KS, Block 8, Lots 2 & 3

471-2021 Assessment Review Boards

476-2022 Noise Bylaw

478-2022 Consolidation Bylaw

481-2023 Credit Card Borrowing

483-2023 Special Tax Wastewater Bylaw

488-2023 Fees and Charges

489-2023 Borrowing Bylaw for Emergencies

490-2024 Emergency Management Bylaw

491-2024 Tax Rate Bylaw

492-2024 Special Tax Bylaw (Sewer)