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Safety Codes Permits & Inspections


(If you currently have an open permit with the previous Safety Codes provider (Superior Safety Codes), please continue to work with them until your permit has been closed.)

A reminder that in addition to a Development permit, any development or construction in the Summer Village also requires Safety Codes permits.  This includes building, electrical, plumbing, private sewage and gas.

Please contact:

The Inspections Group Inc.

  • Address:  12010-111 Avenue
          Edmonton, Alberta
          T5G 0E6
  • Contact: Inspections Group at (780) 454-5048
  • Fax: 780-454-5222
  • Toll Free Fax: 1-866-454-5222
  • www.inspectionsgroup.com


Safety Codes Information:

Energy Code Information Package

Permits & Compliance Reference Guide


Safety Codes Permits / Fee Schedules:

Building Permit (PDF) (FILLABLE)

Electrical Permit (PDF) (FILLABLE)

Gas Permit (PDF) (FILLABLE)

Plumbing Permit (PDF) (FILLABLE)

Private Sewage Permit (PDF) (FILLABLE)

2018 Fee Schedule

Contractor Inspection Stages

Homeowner Inspection Stages